Top 5 Best Fitness Gyms in Nairobi Kenya with Prices and Locations

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Are you looking for the Top 5 Best Fitness Gyms in Nairobi Kenya with Prices and Location? Then search no more because we have a list of the top rated professional gyms in Nairobi that will help you achieve your physical fitness goals. All we need is a well programmed exercise routine to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle. Below are the top five most popular and award winning fitness clubs and gyms in Kenya.

1. Fitness Empire Gym (Kenya)

Fitness Empire Gym in Kenya Top 5 Fitness Gyms in Nairobi

This Gym, Fitness Empire is the most top-rated fitness center in Nairobi, Kenya. This gym has won 2 trophies on the following categories as seen on‘s website:

  1. Top rated Fitness Clubs & Gym in Nairobi
  2. Hidden Gems – Fitness Clubs & Gym in Nairobi
Photo session after a successful training at Fitness Empire Gym

This is the biggest gym in Nairobi in terms of both the space and the equipment. They have two fully equipped separate gym for both ladies and gents. Most their clients are Muslims because of the gym has total privacy making it easy for the ladies and gents working out peacefully with no opposite gender peeping on each other’s gym. Fitness Empire’s monthly membership fee is Ksh. 5,500 per person while Ksh. 5,000 only for the students. They also charge a one-off registration fee of Ksh. 500 only.

Ladies only Fitness Mentoring Talk with Myra Denousse at Fitness Empire Ladies’ Gym

The gym is located in Eastleigh Opposite Pumwani Maternity Hospital next to Urban Point Hotel at General Waruingi Street. To learn more about the gym, contact them by calling +254799400400 or visit their website at

2. Fit 4 Life Gym

Training at Fit 4 Life Gym courtesy of Fit 4 Life Gym

Fit 4 Life Gym is a place where health, fitness and fun are merged into one spacious, functional and professional setting. It’s an exceptional place to monitor your fitness and health while creating timeless memories. Fit 4 Life Gym are gender conscious and their fitness facility has two customized workout areas; for the Ladies and Gents jus like Fitness Empire ensuring privacy and convenience. Thia gym charges Ksh. 6,000 only per month for their gym membership and Ksh. 4,500 for student members. The gym is located at 7th Floor, AMCO Crystal Building, off Limuru Road, Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya. Call them on +254 721 120 555 for more in formation. You can also, visit their website at

3. Smart Gyms

Photo Courtesy: Smart Gyms

Smart Gyms is located at Junction Mall offering Kenyans with services to help achieve their fitness goals. This gym ranks number 3 on our top 5 best gyms in Nairobi list. The gym charges a monthly fee of Ksh. 3,500 only and they offer new members a free class for the first time they join the gym. To join this gym, call them on +254 712 404 040 or visit their website at

4. CrossFit Kwetu Gym

CrossFit Kwetu Gym (Photo Courtesy)

This is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. CrossFit is located at Gigiri Lane, Nairobi Kenya. Their monthly charges ar Ksh. 14,500 only. For more information about the gym, call them on +254 740 969 669 or visit their website at

5. Tuzidi Fitness

Tuzidi Fitness Trainers and Clients posing for a Photo (Courtesy Tuzidi Fitness Gym)

Finally, Tuzidi Finess wraps up our top five best gyms in Nairobi. Whether you are interested in weight loss, toning or building muscle, Tuzidi coaches will be right by your side guiding you until you hit your goals. Thay are located at York Palace, Muthangari Gardens, Lavington, Nairobi Kenya. They haven’t made their membership charges public. For more information, call their number 0102111222 or visit their website at

Let’s see what you think about this list. We would love to hear what you have to say. Comment below your thoughts and opinions.

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